PULSE Art Fair w/Treat Gallery: Miami Beach, FL

Satellite Art Show w/Treat Gallery: Brooklyn, NY 

Philly Friends: Orchard Art Collective, Philadelphia, PA

Build & Fabricate: Online Exhibition, GHOST Gallery, Omaha, NE    

Satellite Art Show SXSW w/Treat Gallery: Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX

Treat America Project w/Treat Gallery: Foley Gallery, New York, NY Curators: Sherri Littlefield, Jon Feinstein, Jamie Martinez

Treat America Project w/Treat Gallery: OSNY Project Space, New York, NY Curators: Sherri Littlefield, Jon Feinstein, Jamie Martinez



Cubed Luminous: Pensacola Museum of Art, University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL

Treat America Project:  Juried Instagram Takeover, Treat Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Reinvention II: ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL

Small Works: Online Exhibition, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Barnstorm: PUNCH Projects, Ellensburg, WA

Future Artifact: Creative Tech Week, Plexus Projects, Greenpoint/Brooklyn, NY

Staring into Space: Curated by Behnaz Farahi, Mid-America College Art Association Conference, @UNL, Lincoln, NE

Jordan Buschur, Bubblegum & Whiskey, Chris Drobnock: Curated by Kendra Bulgrin, James May Gallery, Algoma, WI



Retro Future w/Treat Gallery @Miranda Kuo Gallery: New York, NY

Young at Art, Walt Meade Gallery: Roxbury, NY



It Can Happen Here: Juried Group Exhibition, Arts & Literature Laboratory, Madison, WI

Art & Oddities: Benefit Exhibition, Second Sight Project, Sign House 735, Columbus, OH

Taste Makers II: Juried Group Exhibition/Invitational, Treat Gallery, Court Tree Collective, Brooklyn, NY

Tying the Knot: Benefit Exhibition, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, San Jose, CA

Sweet Spot: Juried Group Exhibition, Treat Gallery @Court Tree Collective, Brooklyn, NY

Peace Among Savages: Curated by Mary Gagler, Amos Eno Gallery, Bushwick-Brooklyn, NY

Fun Size: Pop-Up Show, Treat Gallery, Midtown, NY

Kitsch Me if You Can: Juried Group Exhibition, KSpace Contemporary, Corpus Christi, TX




2019    BFFzz #5. First Friday of Omaha Zine. Featured Artist. In Print.

              "Rurality." Null Set + Slag Magazines. Featured Artist. In Print.

2018    "Bubblegum & Whiskey." Featured Artist. Artist Studios AS Mag. Medium.com/as-mag

              “The Highs & Lows of Daily Life.” Featured Artist Interview by Laura Eppinger. Newfound.org


2017    “Volume 8, Issue 2.” Featured Artist by Courtney Simchak. Newfound.org. In Print.


2016    “Bubblegum & Whiskey.” Featured Artist Interview. Curated by Kate Mothes. YoungSpace.com & Instagram @yngspc




bubblegum & whiskey is a collaborative, interdisciplinary duo working seventy miles from the geographical center of the United States.  In areas of dispersed population such as this, neighbors form a vital sense of community and establish a place to call home.  Recent paintings, objects, and GIFS explore the highs and lows of these aesthetically significant rural experiences.  Architecture, landscapes, old homes, thrift stores, and garage sales drive the sense of materiality and craftsmanship.  Cultural importance is present in the American mid-western landscape, though real and perceived divides between city and country lifestyles present challenges.  Thematic areas include need vs. want, making-do vs. excelling, or buying vs. creating.  bubblegum & whiskey emphasizes new DIY artifacts designed to explore the gap.